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Our MIS team is an experienced team who is ready to support and set your organization up for success in the implementation and ongoing use of our foundational software solutions.


An MIS Deployment Specialist is assigned to your organization to lead and coordinate our team’s implementation strategy. This includes:

  • Knowledge building;
  • IT assessment;
  • Initial and ongoing training support;
  • Privacy & Security assessment and services;
  • Change management support;
  • Support for staff adoption, uptake, and use of our solution(s)


Training is a key component to your success in utilizing our software solutions. We provide training videos, practice exercises and resources, and we work with you to build a training plan that works for your team so that each user is comfortable using the system. Ongoing training services are available, ensuring we are supporting your organization’s needs over time.  

Privacy & Security Assessment

Our software solutions meet all Federal and Provincial Privacy and Security legislation, ensuring client information and data is protected and kept private. We have a robust Privacy & Security framework with related policies and procedures, including a Privacy Manual and supporting tools to help you meet all of the legislation requirements.

Support Services

Our Help Desk service is available to our customers through phone or email, guaranteeing a timely provision of support services related to the Mustimuhw software and associated software components.


We are continuously improving our solutions and therefore provide scheduled upgrades on a periodic basis.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery support and back-up monitoring services are provided, should a disaster occur.

Additional Services


Health Directors have an important role in ensuring their organization has taken proactive steps to protect their information.

PrivacyFirst is an enhanced service offered to current and new Mustimuhw cEMR customers. PrivacyFirst is a comprehensive Baseline Assessment of your organizational privacy practices. Through this assessment we will identify potential gaps in your organization’s operational practices around protecting the privacy of personal information. If any areas are identified as needing improvement, appropriate support and training will be provided to help you build a sustainable privacy culture for your organization.

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There has been an increase in ransomware attacks and phishing emails directed at health facilities. This is extremely serious and can have significant negative impact on a health centre and lead to loss of personal health information.

Protect your Organization from a Cyber Attack or Data Breach.

SecureStart is a Cyber Security Risk Assessment conducted remotely by our partner, Clear Concepts, to identify potential risks that would lead to loss of confidential / sensitive information (data breach), hacking, ransomware attack, unplanned downtime, or malware infection. This an enhanced service that includes audit results, recommendations, knowledge transfer, and a remediation plan to help you understand and correct any areas of concern.

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas)

Increasingly organizations are recognizing the benefit and value of utilizing cloud infrastructure rather than purchasing and maintaining, and securing, local on-premise infrastructure. MIS has worked with Microsoft Azure to create an IaaS service that can house your Mustimuhw cEMR. Azure has been recognized as a secure and valid platform for use in health and government. This reduces your capital and evergreening costs for server and related hardware, as well as reduces your need for internal IT support to maintain that hardware.

Technical Services

MIS works with a long standing technical partner to offer an extended range of technical services. Recognizing that some of our customers do not have access to a range of IT service options, MIS can coordinate the delivery of the following services for customers:

  • Remote & On-Site Technical Infrastructure Assessments
  • Infrastructure Maintenance & Remediation
  • Hardware Procurement & Installation
  • IT Planning & Project Management
  • Remote Managed Network IT Services
  • User-Level IT Support