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The cEMR for Indigenous Child & Family

Using our software, Child and Family Service teams benefit by having the ability to manage their intake processes, conduct assessments, plan and deliver services, initiate and monitor referrals, generate service quality assessment reports, capture group activities & events, and much more.


The cEMR for Jordan’s Principle

Designed to support the Coordinated Care Model for Jordan’s Principle teams, the cEMR fully enables key program workflows to support quality case management, service delivery and advocacy for children and families. Includes: Referral, Consent, Case, and Document Management; Family and Household Linkages; Staff Access Audits; Group Services; Task Management; Custom Reports, and more.


Community Electronic Medical Records (cEMR) for First Nations Health & Human Services

The cEMR is a flexible and customizable client record that is suited to the diverse programs and services offered in First Nations health & human services organizations. This client-centric system allows for workflow integration and communication across care teams, and includes efficient reporting for all levels of the organization.

MIS cEMR for Home & Community Care

The Mustimuhw Community Electronic Medical Record (cEMR) software is designed to support Home and Community Care (HCC) delivery in community-based service organizations. The cEMR software is easy-to-use and is customized to support the unique needs and HCC workflow of each organization; used by HCC teams across the country to support greater coordination and collaborative care across other service delivery areas and programs within the Health Centre or clinic.

MIS Supporting COVID-19 Response

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, communities have increasingly recognized the need for the cEMR to support efficient and effective care and tracking for their service populations. Mustimuhw Information Solutions has been working with existing customers to configure specific tools within the cEMR to support new priority workflows in the current pandemic. Some of these are highlighted here.

PrivacyFirst for First Nation Health Centres

Building a robust privacy culture within your organization, PrivacyFirst is a comprehensive Baseline Assessment of your organizational privacy practices relative to your Privacy & Security Policy. This is an enhanced practice improvement service offered to current and new Mustimuhw cEMR customers.

SecureStart for First Nations

A comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessment service delivered by Clear Concepts and conducted remotely by a Cyber Ops Specialist. SecureStart is designed to help you understand the risk profile of your organization from a cyber security perspective, and discover potential security vulnerabilities. Our in-depth audit results will include key recommendations, knowledge transfer, and building a remediation plan to help correct any areas of concern.

Virtual Care Available for First Nations Health Centres

We are excited to announce that the MIS Virtual Care tools are now available. In partnership with WelTel Health, we are able to provide First Nations health centres and clinics with a powerful set of digital communications tools designed to remove technology barriers and support client outreach and communication between citizens and their community care providers.