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Child & Family Services Best Practice (CFS-BP)

An electronic case management system for Indigenous Child & Family Services Agencies. From the intake of new cases, right through to automatic auditing, you’ll find that CFS Best Practice will support and help your front line workers by creating more time for them to do what they do best – care for our children and our future.

The CFS-BP is an integrated module in the cEMR and can be used in coordination with the health department, or as a stand-alone module, depending on your organization’s needs.

CFS-BP creates more time efficiencies in combination with easier management and greater control of your caseloads. The built in features of CFS-BP helps to set common organizational standards for your agency.

CFS-BP is rich in features to support and assist the important and sometimes difficult work of a busy Child & Family Services Agency. Simple to use, the system is customizable and designed to support your current workflows.

Foundational Features of CFS-BP

Comprehensive Case Management

CFS-BP supports the way you currently work, while helping to set organizational standards to drive efficiency and accountability. From intake to placement, and through the entire spectrum of care.

  • Risk assessment
  • Comprehensive intake investigation
  • Provision of services through a cultural lens
  • Quality case management
  • Provision of individual and specialized support services
  • Assurance of quality of care

Consolidation of Information

CFS-BP means creating more time efficiencies in combination with easier management and greater control of your caseloads. Using the CFS-BP, teams working on a case will use the same tabs and forms to enter their information into the case file, ensuring the detailed information is captured, consolidated and easy to locate, as needed.

Continuity of Care

CFS-BP provides workers with quick overviews of case files so that they can easily monitor case developments. Workers can even set special alerts so that they are notified of special developments in their chosen cases. Keeping in touch with cases in this way means that actions taken are timely and appropriate.

Cultural Respect

Our children are sacred, they are our future. Using CFS-BP ensures that they are given appropriate opportunities to learn and experience their heritage. You can easily monitor their progress in language, cultural contacts and history as a part of their care. As a team you can help them to explore and enjoy their birthrights that are so vital to their development.

Consistency of Data

Many hours of hard work were spent to make CFS-BP easy and simple to use. Part of this work was designing how information is entered and classified by using standard tabbed pages and pre-completed forms. This includes details of the people involved in the case, financial details, and details on court proceedings – all the information is neatly stored in date order.

Compliance and Accountability

An audit function is built right into CFS-BP. This function allows workers to audit themselves to identify any areas where they may be lacking in compliance. The results of the self-audit are generated into a spreadsheet which indicates the areas needing attention.


Community Programing

Acknowledging the diversity of programs from community to community, the cEMR is appropriate for capturing individual and group community programs such as school programs, elder groups, family support/counselling, infant and child development, children and youth programs, pre and postnatal education, group counselling, and more.

Child and Family Services

Reflecting an intimate working knowledge of the requirements and needs of Indigenous Child & Family Services, the cEMR aids in the delivery of services, including: Intake, Counselling, Support, Advocacy, Reunification, Risk Assessment, Care Planning, Client Travel, and Cultural Activities in both groups and one-on-one sessions. Also supported is the tracking individuals and families that are in kinship arrangements, customary care agreements, protection orders, apprehension, at risk, reunification, and children in care of the ministry.

Empower your organization with the Mustimuhw cEMR for improved clinical documentation, collaboration and coordination