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Benefits – Why Mustimuhw?

Documentation & Continuity of Care

Designed for robust narrative charting and structured data charting while adhering to industry standards, the cEMR enables appropriate documentation and continuity of care. Allowing for attaching of scanned or stored documents directly into client chart; identification of client problems and client services using industry standard terminology and structured data; tracking of client health service episodes; with the ability to create standardized assessments; and a broad range of reports, report filters, and practice statistics

Care Coordination

The cEMR is a client-centric system designed to support a citizen’s circle-of-care, allowing for care coordination across service providers. This is done with shared client records across health centre providers, referral generation and tracking, identification and tracking of services and consent for services, and generating provider reminders and follow-ups.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Reporting requirements and business intelligence in mind, the cEMR has extensive reporting capabilities with easily generated Program-based reports, Operational reports, and Funder reports (eSDRT, CBRT, Med Trans, Etc.). Custom reports and easy to filter data fields enables you to access the reporting information you need in a simple and efficient way.

Client Privacy & Confidentiality

Client privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance and we want to ensure you and your clients feel confident in knowing how their information is protected. Our Privacy & Security services include a customized toolkit that includes all legislative requirements to support protecting your clients Personal Health Information.

Generates Efficiencies

Our solutions are designed with efficiencies in mind, with intuitive documentation and reporting capability; ability to easily track client outcomes & population health; easy to use forms; group charting mapped to individual client charts; and an integrated portal which allows simple access to client messaging & video conferencing.

Promote Standardized Workflow

Due to the cEMR’s flexible and customizable design, it fits into your workflow rather than you having to fit your workflow around it. Over the past 20+ years, we have infused standardized workflows into the cEMR, configuring it to meet ongoing requirements, as well as meet an organizations workflow preferences.

Certification, Awards & Partners


The Community Electronic Medical Record (cEMR), version 12.01.05, of Mustimuhw Information Solutions Inc. has received Canada Health Infoway Pre-Implementation Certification as an Electronic Medical Record.

CANADA HEALTH INFOWAY and the CANADA HEALTH INFOWAY logo are registered and unregistered marks of Canada Health Infoway, used under license.

The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) certifies that Mustimuhw Information Solutions is a certified Aboriginal business.



Film Festival Awards for:
Mustimuhw “All of the people”

Canada Health Infoway: Certificate of Recogniton

BC Achievement Indigenous Business Award

The ComputerWorld Honors Program